7 tips for a healthier holiday season.
Written by: Lombe Mwansa
Published: 19 December 2021


Changing a few little things during a festive season can bring you along way

Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the holidays can come as a real setback if you don’t have the right mindset going into the holidays. When you have a diet mentality it is almost impossible to “watch what you eat” with so many Christmas feasts and treats to tempt you.

With families traveling home for Christmas and coming together, germs, coughs and colds are going to are harder to avoid on a buses, trains and planes or any other form of public or shared transport. If traveling doesn’t make you sick, overindulging on food, alcohol and late nights just might.

Here are 7 things you can do to stay healthy this holiday season.

Please note this is what has worked for us and our families. If something doesn’t work for you drop it. Focus on doing what works for your family’s health and happiness this Christmas.

1. Focus on fun

Whether you’re hosting the family Christmas festivities or simply attending.

Focus more on fun traditions and activities and less on dinner and dessert. Fill your Christmas memories with the fun you had not regret about how much food you ate.

2. Go light on the gravy.

Using less sauce or gravy on your foods should lead to a healthier meal. This is strategy is as simple as it sounds. Focus more on the taste of your food without smothering it in high sugar/salt sauces and condiments.

3. Protein at Breakfast

Don’t underestimate a healthy protein-rich breakfast. Having protein at breakfast can keep you from feeling fuller for longer. A healthy meal to start your day is less like going to make you dip into to less-than-healthy Christmas treats when hunger strikes.

4. Ease yourself away from holiday stress.

Stress makes us feel anxious and irritable. It even has a negative impact on your immune system. A good way to manage and ease stress away is to plan a fun family activity that gets you moving.

Sledding or ice skating are both fitness-friendly options. Some of the stresses we face come from everybody spending more time together indoors so why not go for a walk in outside, soak in the world around you and use nature to recharge yourself.

Ease stress with family
Ease stress a family outside activity

5. Keep yourself active

Even if you’re travelling stay active. If you are short on space a combination squats, planks and lunges go along way even if it’s just 5 minutes. If you must wait for your flight walk around the airport terminal rather than sitting to watch the clock

6. Drink plenty of water

It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated during a busy holiday season, especially if it gets cold where you live. Drinking water will also help suppress hunger so have a glass with each meal as well as help you to flush out toxins and extra salt you have been consuming. To share the love and benefits of water encourage your family to eat fruits like apples and oranges.

7. Know your Limit

If you are drinking alcoholic beverages this holiday season it is important to know your limits.
For every alcoholic beverage you drink, try to also drink a glass of water. This will leave you feeling hydrated and hangover free the next morning. A Christmas morning hangover can be devastating, especially if you’re going to be around excited children who want to open presents.

Christmas fun with kids
Christmas fun with kids

When all is said and done it’s important to remember not to get down on yourself, in the event you “slip up” during this Christmas holiday season.

With everything we have been through over the last year you need to invest more of yourself in the time you spend with family and friends.

Enjoying yourself.

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