About Remko

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Why am I here?

Because I am obsessed with continuous personal development. I have this intrinsic need to share my gained knowledge. Ideally with people that could benefit from it today!

I have read or listened to most of the prestigious books, documentaries and YouTube videos of the big and the small names in this industry. Some of them even more than once, so I am sure I can pass their message to you. 

I developed an interest in how the mind works, what makes people move, how do habits stick, what are common mistakes people make when trying to establish change and so much more.

My passions have become very clear to me: help dads change their limiting beliefs on personal development. By offering tools and ideas, so he can build a better environment and future for his family.

My obsession with productivity as a tool (not a goal by it’s own) will help me to bring very practical and executable actions.

I will bring you along and inform you on how I adopted all know theories into my life as a dad, a spouse, a friend, a colleague, a business partner or just a man in general. Including the things I struggled with and what I (and you) can take out of that for your own journey

Who am I

I am a Dutch man that almost can call himself 41. I started my career at the age of 21 after completing my education in accounting. Investing most of my time into my career I was able to make good progress.

As time went on, I got lucky and married the most beautiful woman I ever saw. A bit later we were blessed with two children. That means that I am now a proud father of a beautiful young lady of 12 years old and an energetic boy of 7 years old.

During this time of developing my career and establishing a family I have had my fair share of challenges that brought me to where I am today. To give you a climbs of this;

  • I got fired multiple times in the first decade of my career. 
  • I had to create an extra debt by selling our apartment with a great loss.
  • I went from having a six-pack to having a BMI of almost 31.

You can imagine this phase put a lot of pressure on me mentally. Not being able to provide a sustainable life for my wife and kids. And seeing my body change as a result of it. But my biggest struggle was happening internally. 

I felt I was not in control of my life, my self esteem was low and I simply wasn’t happy with the path before me. This lead eventually to a burnout on my 30th birthday.

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My epiphany:

“My future is created by what I do today”

For 9 years long I made notes and summaries of books, seminars, blogs, YouTube videos and documentaries. I just didn’t really do something with them.  

When I started looking at them. And bundle that gained wisdom I slowly saw a change in my attitude and small changes in my opportunities. But nothing major happened.

This made me feel quite frustrated again. I was doing what the greats are preaching and it gave them great success, why not me? So, I took it to the next level.

With the help of a personal coach, we concluded that I needed to create more freedom in my life.  This resulted in starting my own consulting company. Not because it was my long pushed back dream.

Simply because I couldn’t regain my time if I would continue my career working for an employer. And with success.

Now I have created the time to dedicate it to my real passion, and I will use this blog as a vehicle for my passion.


This blog:

This blog has multiple layers for me. It is therapeutic. Structuring my thoughts on all my improvement ideas. And by doing this, I will provide you with a “one stop platform for many well-structured insights and knowledge of personal development topics”.

Extra promise from me to you. You can count on a long-time active environment here that you can follow along while you are developing yourself. Real growth moves slowly. And we are never done growing. I will walk my talk; I hope you will get inspired by it.

If you feel that spark, please subscribe by leaving your email below, that way you help me to help you. So we can grow togetherI love the thought of serving others so they can improve themselves. Simply by using my gained insights. Knowing that you will be positively impacting your own future. As well as that of your family. 

Together we can improve our future legacy and make this planet a little bit more beautiful to live on. Thank you!

Stay strong, healthy and happy.